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Part four in our ongoing series exploring that most celebrated and revered of classical music forms: the symphony.

Program 1

Schubert: Symphony #9 in C Major, Great, I (excerpt)
Chamber Orchestra of Europe/Abbado
DG 4236562
Bruckner: Mass #2 in e minor, WAB 27 - Sanctus
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Chorus/Jochum
DG 447409

Beethoven: Symphony #9 in d minor, Op. 125, Choral
1. Allegro Ma Non Troppo (excerpt)

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra/Bernstein
DG 001212909
Bruckner: Symphony #3 in d Minor – I (excerpt)
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra/Haitink
Philips 000530902
Bruckner: Symphony #4 in E Flat, WAB 104, Romantic, I
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra/Haitink
Philips 000530902
18:20; 15:54
Bruckner: Symphony #4 in E Flat, WAB 104, Romantic, III 
Philadelphia Orch/Sawallisch
EMI 55119

Program 2

Bruckner: Symphony #7 In E, WAB 107 - 1. Allegro Moderato & 
2. Adagio, Sehr Feierlich Und Sehr Langsam 

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra/Karajan
DG 419195
21:04; 18:19
Mahler: Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen -
2. Ging Heut' Morgen Uber's Feld

New York Philharmonic Orchestra/Masur; Hagegard, b.
Ultima 21339
Mahler: Symphony #1 In D, "Titan" (excerpt)
1. Langsam Schleppend

New York Philharmonic Orchestra/Masur
Ultima 21339

Program 3


Mahler: Symphony #2 In C Minor, Resurrection (excerpt)
1. Allegro Maestoso

Lucerne Festival Orchestra/Abbado
DG 4775082
Mahler: Symphony #2 In C Minor, Resurrection
5. Im Tempo Des Scherzos. Wild Herausfahrend (excerpt)

Lucerne Festival Orchestra/Abbado; Gvazava, s.
DG 4775082
Mahler: Symphony #3 In D Minor,
3. Comodo. Scherzando, Ohne Hast (excerpt)

Chicago Symphony Orchestra/Solti
Decca 430804
Mahler: Symphony #4 In G - 4. Sehr Behaglich
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra /Haitink
Sylvia McNair
Philips 000654209
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Mahler: Symphony #5 In C Sharp Minor - 4. Adagietto
New York Philharmonic Orchestra/Walter
Sony 64451
Mahler: Symphony #8 In E Flat, "Symphony Of A Thousand" -
Part 1: Veni, Creator Spiritus (excerpt)

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra/Bernstein;
Trudeliese Schmidt, Vienna Singverein, soloists
DG 459080 
Mahler: Symphony #9
4. Adagio, Sehr Langsam Und Noch Zurükhaltend (excerpt)

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra/Bernstein
DG 459080
Mahler: Symphony #10 (Prep. Deryck 
V. Finale: Lento, Non Troppo; Allegro Moderato (excerpt)

Philadelphia Orchestra/Ormandy
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Program 4

Elgar: In Smyrna (excerpt)
David Golub, p.
Arabesque 6664
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Elgar: Symphony #1 In A Flat, Op. 55
I. Andante. Nobilmente E Semplice, Allegro, II. Allegro Molto
III. Attacca Adagio, Molto Expressivo E Sostenuto
IV. Lento, Allegro, Grandioso

Staatskapelle Dresden/Colin Davis
Profil PH 05040
19:31; 7:23; 12:27; 11:55 (excerpt III 1:03)

Program 5

Elgar: In The South, Op. 50, "Alassio"
London Philharmonic Orchestra/Solti
London/Decca 443 856
Elgar: Symphony #2 In E Flat - Op. 63, 
I. Allegro Vivace E Nobilmente
II. Larghetto
IV. Moderato E Maestoso

The Hallé Orchestra/Elder
Hallé Concert Society (Sanctuary Classics) Hll 7507
18:13; 15:46; 16:19 
Shelley: Song
Mark Elder
Hallé Concert Society (Sanctuary Classics) Hll 7507 


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You have opened up the world of Classical Music to me, where previously, it seemed too complicated.
Steffen Demeter
This is simply one of the very best radio programmes in the medium!...The study of the people, the times, and the events that inform the music we otherwise enjoy and even, heaven forbid, take for granted, brings the entire world of the music and the composer to life.
Walther Davies
There isn't a program you broadcast on Exploring Music" that isn't of interest. I find them all engaging. It is a combination of variety of subject, intellectual curiosity and your obvious enthusiasm which characterize your satisfying programs.
Michael Sanders
It’s a great way to re-engage myself with consciousness before heading off to work.
I Love this program! I am in 7th grade and I am the complete opposite of the other kids. I am 4th chair in the orchestra and I love to read. But most of all, I LOVE classical music!
Claudia Wertz
Your show has helped open my mind and heart to this world of music, and every show I hear confirms my place in music and gives me new ideas for where I'd like to go with it in the future….I grew up with classical music as a child and always held it in my heart, but I didn't have the confidence to be a good student (or a good violinist.)
Christine Anderson
Listening to you is almost interactive.You invite us in with so many well modulated dramatic and informative comments, enticing, enthusiastic interpretations, and coherent, beautiful presentations. It's a privilege to follow you into the musical space you create.
Sally Rosenbaum
I just love this program. It is soothing and comfortable at the end of the day. I find his comments interesting, but they aren't so dragged out that there is very little music. The balance of both is just right.
Jean Quay
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