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To the Finland Station, Part I

“I have spoken Russian all my life. I think in Russian, my way of expressing myself is Russian. Perhaps this is not immediately apparent in my music, but it is latent there, a part of its hidden nature.” —Igor Stravinsky, Russian born, naturalized French, and then American, spoke these words in a emotionalvisit to his
homeland after an almost fifty-year absence. 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin's return to Russia, arriving at the Finland Station in St. Petersburg, and changing the course of history. For the next two weeks, we will follow the lives of some of our favorite Russian musicians, and how the revolution changed them and their music.  Starting a decade before the Revolution, we will then spend a little time on the period 1918 to 1924, Lenin’s reign, featuring all sorts of avant-garde composers and poets and playwrights, and then plunge on into the era of Stalin, with the music of Shostakovich and many others. We will pay attention to Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes, which featured Rimsky-Korakov, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, and Rachmaninov among others. The latter three remained in the West after the revolution, and Prokofiev
returned to the USSR in the Thirties. Hop on this train!

Program 1

Sergei Rachmaninoff: Aleko
Introduction; Intermezzo; Men's Dance

USSR State Symphony Orchestra, Evgeny Svetlanov, conductor
Melodiya 10-00144


Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto #3 In D Minor, Op. 30
1.      Allegro Ma Non Tanto
Recorded in 1939
RCA 61658


Sergei Rachmaninoff: The Bells (Kolokola) Op.35
I. Allegro ma non tanto ('The Silver Sleigh Bells')

III. Presto ('The Loud Alarum Bells')
Rundfunkchor Berlin, Berlin Philharmonic, Sir Simon Rattle, conductor
Warner 84519


Sergei Rachmaninoff: Vespers, Op. 37:
I. Come, let us worship; XV. O queen victorious

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Paul Hillier conductor
HMU 907384


Rachmaninoff: Etudes-Tableaux Op. 39, No. 3, F# minor
Allegro Molto
Alexander Romanovsky, piano
London 4763334


Program 2

Igor Stravinsky: Symphony No. 1 in Eb, Op. 1
II. Scherzo. Allegretto

London Symphony Orchestra/ Dorati, conductor
London 414456
1:00 (Excerpt)


Stravinsky: Fireworks, Op. 4
Columbia Symphony Orchestra/ Stravinsky, conductor
CBS 42432


Stravinsky: Firebird
Infernal Dance of King Kashchei, Berceuse, Finale
Minnesota Orchestra/ Eiji Oue, conductor
RR 70


Stravinsky: Petrouchka - 4. Fourth Tableau: The Shrovetide Fair
Columbia Symphony Orchestra/ Igor Stravinsky, conductor
CBS 42433


Stravinsky: Le Sacre Du Printemps -  Part 1
The Adoration Of The Earth, Introduction, Dances Of The Young Girls
Mock Abduction, Round Dance

Cleveland Orchestra/ Pierre Boulez, conductor
DG 435769


Stravinsky: Le Sacre Du Printemps - Part 2
The Sacrifice, Summoning Of The Ancients

Le Ritual Of The Ancients, Sacrificial Dance
Cleveland Orchestra/ Pierre Boulez, conductor
DG 435769


Program 3

Prokofiev: Juvenilia - 2. Allegretto In A Minor
Frederic Chiu, piano
Prokofiev: Complete Works For Solo Piano
HMU 907169


Prokofiev: 4 Pieces For Piano, Op. 4 - Suggestion Diabolique
Frederic Chiu, piano
HMU 907169


Prokofiev: Toccata In D Minor, Op. 11
Frederic Chiu, piano
HMU 907169


Sergey Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 1 in D Flat, Op.10:
I. Allegro brioso;  III. Allegro scherzando

Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal/Charles Dutoit, conductor
Martha Argerich, piano
EMI 56654


Prokofiev: Scythian Suite, Op. 20 -
Night ; The Adoration Of Veless & Ala
The Enemy God & Dance Of The Spirits Of Darkness
Chicago Symphony Orchestra/ Abaddo, conductor
DG 447 419


Sergei Prokofiev: Symphony No.1
I. Allegro; II. Larghetto
III Non Troppo Allegro; IV. Allegro Molto Vivace
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra/ Hugh Wolff, conductor
Teldec 77309


Program 4

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade, Op. 35
4. Festival At Baghdad, The Sea, Shipwreck
Chicago Symphony Orchestra/ Fritz Reiner, conductor
RCA 68168


Anatoly Liadov:
The Enchanted Lake, Op. 62
Russian National Orchestra/Mikhail Pletnev, conductor
DG 447084


Anatoly Liadov: Baba-Yaga, Op. 56
Russian National Orchestra/Mikhail Pletnev, conductor
DG 447084


Alexander Scriabin: Etude, Op. 65/3
Sviatoslav Richter, piano
Recorded in 1951
Melodiya 74312 29470


Alexander Scriabin: Symphony No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 29
IV. Tempestoso; V. Maestoso
London Symphony Orchestra/Valery Gergiev , conductor
LSO 00770


Alexander Glazunov: Concerto for Violin, Op.82, in A moll
I.Moderato; IV. Allegro
London Philharmonic Orchestra/ John Barbirolli
Jascha Heifetz, violin
RCA 61733-2


C. Taylor/J. Ragovoy: Romance of a Young Gypsy
Nicolai Gedda, tenor
Melodiya 244


Program 5

Pierre De Geyter/Eugène Pottier: Internationale
USSR Radio Choir and Orchestra, State Academic Russian Choir
00:43  (excerpt)


Mosolov: Iron Foundry
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Riccardo Chailly, conductor
London 436640


Alexander Mosolov: Turkmenian Nights
III. Allegro
Olga Andryushchenko, piano
Grand Piano (Barnes and Noble)


Theremin: playing his own composition
Leon Theremin


Shostakovich: "Odna" (Alone), Op.26 -
Music from the film - Storm Scene: Storm Breaks
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Riccardo Chailly, conductor
London 460792


Miklós Rózsa: Spellbound: Gambling Dream
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Allan Wilson, conductor
Intrada Excalibur Collection


Samuil Feinberg: Piano Sonata No. 12, Op. 48
III. Epilogue. Tempo
Christophe Sirodeau, piano
Bis 1414


Arseny Avraamov: The Workers' Funeral March
Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra/ N. Malko, conductor


Dimitri Shostakovich: Symphony No. 1
1. Allegretto; 2. Allegro; 3. Lento, Largo
Valery Gergiev: Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra


Vincent Youmans/Shostakovich: Tahiti Trot (Tea For Two)
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra/ Riccardo Chailly, conductor
London 433702



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You have opened up the world of Classical Music to me, where previously, it seemed too complicated.
Steffen Demeter
This is simply one of the very best radio programmes in the medium!...The study of the people, the times, and the events that inform the music we otherwise enjoy and even, heaven forbid, take for granted, brings the entire world of the music and the composer to life.
Walther Davies
There isn't a program you broadcast on Exploring Music" that isn't of interest. I find them all engaging. It is a combination of variety of subject, intellectual curiosity and your obvious enthusiasm which characterize your satisfying programs.
Michael Sanders
It’s a great way to re-engage myself with consciousness before heading off to work.
I Love this program! I am in 7th grade and I am the complete opposite of the other kids. I am 4th chair in the orchestra and I love to read. But most of all, I LOVE classical music!
Claudia Wertz
Your show has helped open my mind and heart to this world of music, and every show I hear confirms my place in music and gives me new ideas for where I'd like to go with it in the future….I grew up with classical music as a child and always held it in my heart, but I didn't have the confidence to be a good student (or a good violinist.)
Christine Anderson
Listening to you is almost interactive.You invite us in with so many well modulated dramatic and informative comments, enticing, enthusiastic interpretations, and coherent, beautiful presentations. It's a privilege to follow you into the musical space you create.
Sally Rosenbaum
I just love this program. It is soothing and comfortable at the end of the day. I find his comments interesting, but they aren't so dragged out that there is very little music. The balance of both is just right.
Jean Quay
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