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Top 5 Composers Who Couldn’t Finish What They Started


6 Responses to Top 5 Composers Who Couldn’t Finish What They Started

  1. Gaffney Feskoe says:

    I listened to the Bruckner program last night and I am afraid that I can’t agree that the reconstructed finale should now be included in performance of the great Ninth Symphony.
    To me the music reconstructed as it is from sketches Bruckner left at his death is not up to the sublime quality of that which preceeded it. The music just has not quite “jelled” yet to my ears.
    Who knows what Bruckner would have done with the sketches had he lived longer. By the way, I feel the same way about Schubert’s “completed” Unfinished Symphony. what comes after is no where near as sublime as the first two movements.
    With the Bruckner, I think we should leave the Ninth as it has come done to us, satisfyingly complete in itself.
    Perhaps the reconstructed finale could be performed as a “Concert Piece”.
    I am curious as to other’s reactions.

  2. MadFlav says:

    Today’s show on Saint Saens was primo! He is such an under-appreciated composer who stand up to the Fab Four (and I don’t mean the Beatles, although I bow down to them too). You played some lesser heard things, e.g. from two operas and a requiem which were absolutely gorgeous and
    I felt so grateful to have your show to listen to…

  3. Mark Fitzgerald says:

    ‘Unfinished Symphonies’ was one of my personal highlights from this year of Exploring Music broadcasts. These works are thoughtful and otherworldly; I hadn’t really taken time to listen, but this program was a great forum by which to get the beauty these composers had cultivated. Life is hard work and it seems that these works were extra efforts, and listening to them was like climbing a series of summits to some classical music heights. Thanks for sharing so much of these works and about these processes and about the originators (the composers) as well.

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  6. Gail Warnaar says:

    Bill McGlaughlin,
    My Holy Week Discipline is to listen to Bach every noon hour. I can’t think of a more “holy” thing to do! I so much appreciate your program and the insights you give to music I have known and taught all my life. I wish I had you as a resource when I was teaching, and wish I could turn every student on to your programs. Wonderful!! Keep them going – keep filling in where our music education leaves of or completely fails today!!
    A Blessed Easter to you, and thank you for your blessing to me.

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